Living Space 2.0

We're finally out of the dark, subterranean basement suite and into a sun-filled condo! Taking this as an opportunity to rethink the pieces in our home, we've swapped out some of the more tired pieces for ones with more personality. We've been eyeing different coffee tables, but once we saw the Platner Coffee Table by Warren Platner, we couldn't get it out of our minds. The round and beveled tempered glass sits ever so gracefully atop hundreds of welded steel rods, which provide both structure and ornament–a succinct expression of functional beauty. 


With a larger living area, we were able to decorate with a white shag rug. The rug adds a level of coziness and warmth that our previous living space didn't have, while also connecting all the pieces in the living room. A simple, and classically designed sofa upholstered in grey fabric sits neutrally in the centre, complimented by the mid-century style planter at its side. One of the pieces that we retained from our old place was the arc lamp, which we matched its chrome finish to pieces like the Barcelona Chairs and the Planter.